Hillingdon Youth and Connexions Service

Hillingdon Youth and Connexions Service have recently commissioned a second mobile youth bus from Blackpool Design and now have 2 fully equipped single decker buses with internet access, chill out areas, cooking and music production facilities available for young people to access across the borough. The buses have been designed to young people’s specification and to date have been used by over 5,000 young people. Blackpool Design have been on hand to provide their expertise and have been able to recommend new and innovative designs for both the vehicles that have ensured their success and great reputation across Hillingdon.

– Jenny Glen, Services Manager Quality Development, Managing Director, Youth & Connexions Service, London Borough of Hillingdon

youth vehicle, bus conversion

Participation Works NW

Blackpool Design Coachbuilders were recommended to us through the national organisation ‘Working Within Wheels’. We had recently been successful with some funding to refurbish our mobile youth project which is a double decker bus. The bus had been in operation for 5 years and needed a facelift.

We approached John and the team at Blackpool Design Coachbuilders for some ideas and a quote for the refurbishment of our bus. The team came over to view our bus and gave us some excellent ideas, we wanted to completely transform the interior of the bus and make it more young people friendly with more storage and for it to be more visually pleasing for our young people.

The team did not disappoint us, their ideas and the price quoted were within our budget and met our needs beyond our expectations. The team listened to all our ideas and made amendments where needed and accommodated all our requests.

The transformation of the bus has had an unbelievable impact on the young people we work with, our numbers have increased and they really appreciate the money we have spent on the project. The layout and look of the bus feels modern and inviting and is very user friendly, we now have more space and storage than we had before, it’s amazing.

We only wish we had known about Blackpool Design Coachbuilders when we first got our bus for the initial design and installation of the equipment.

We would like to say a massive thank you from all the young people and staff from the Space Youth Bus Burnley.

–  Lynne Blackburn, Director & Project Manager, Participation Works NW

youth vehicle, bus conversion

youth vehicle, bus conversion


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