Often a vehicle interior and exterior appearance ages far before the mechanics wear out. For coach and welfare vehicle operators we can refurbish a 5 year old vehicle for the fraction of the price of a new one.

Refurbishing your current vehicles is a cost efficient way of presenting a new clean product to your customers, rather than the huge outlay of a new fleet.

The team at BDC have years of expertise in taking a tired vehicle and making it look new. As well as replacing the interiors, the exteriors can be “face lifted” too. This involves designing new body panels to fit to your existing vehicle that will give it a modern look.

Typical vehicles include:

  • Single Decker buses
  • Coaches
  • Double Decker buses
  • Welfare vehicles

Typical conversions include:

  • Face lifts
  • Body repairs
  • New interior trims
  • New seating and layouts
  • Repaints
  • New graphics

Our clients include:

  • Commercial route operators
  • Commercial coach operators
  • Previous clients whose specialist conversions require refurbishment


For an initial meet and greet or provisional proposal call 01253 761300 or email us at enquiries@bdc-uk.co.uk