Here at BDC, we create specialist coach interiors for a wide variety of requests. Some of our recent coach conversions include: SOS vehicles, mobile training vehicles, youth vehicles, community vehicles, mobile libraries and IT vehicles.

Our team are experienced at working with all types of vehicles from trailers to vans or trucks to buses and coaches, giving them a wealth of knowledge to apply to your project.

All budgets and projects can be accommodated and you’re guaranteed a personal touch, ensuring your vehicle meets all your requirements and exceeds your expectations!

You might be surprised what can be incorporated into a coach (most of our customers are!) so we’ll work with you to ensure your vehicle has its own custom build programme, giving you the opportunity to develop your coach throughout the build.

Take a look at some of our projects below…

Mobile community vehicles can be sent to all areas of your local community and can be available to use by residents, youth groups, community groups and volunteer organisations. Community vehicles are often used to promote positive activities for young people, provide training and learning for families as well as promote health and well being with activities such as Nintendo Wii fit interactive gaming facilities.

Mobile community vehicles can cater for meetings, talks, break out sessions, meals and tea and coffee. Community vehicles can offer facilities for residents and groups particularly in areas where there are currently limited resources. New mobile community vehicles are a fantastic resource for both young and old, and benefit the community immensely.

IT/training vehicles represent a huge leap into the future regarding accessible training and innovative outreach. IT/training vehicles combine state of the art learning equipment with high tech leisure facilities. Everything on board is designed to maximise participants’ involvement and enjoyment; ensuring the optimum number of learners remain on programme.

Mobile IT/training facilities can be fitted with the most up to date computer technology to next generation game stations. These specialist vehicles can offer facilities for residents and groups particularly in areas where there are currently limited resources and are suitable for both young and old.

The SOS bus is a community/multi-agency initiative to provide a Safe Haven for vulnerable young people to meet the needs of any person in clubland at night. The SOS Safe Haven bus is a high profile, highly visible haven for young people who are at risk through inability to get home, illness or injury, emotional distress or other vulnerability.

Within the SOS Safe Haven bus committed volunteers provide young people at risk with immediate assistance related to drug or alcohol related issues, emotional distress, social isolation caused by aggressive behaviour, lack of immediate finance or relationship breakdown. In short all of the elements which put many young people in clubland at risk in all of our cities every night.

The ultimate solution for combined passenger transportation that offers an equal method of transportation for people, regardless of their physical disabilities. The system consists of integrated fixation systems for wheelchairs in combination with Flex-i-Trans folding seats enabling easy and fast adaptation of the minibus to the current transportation needs.

Working with the Flex-i-Trans System® requires hardly any physical effort and is therefore cost-saving in many ways. The system offers a high level of comfort for people with and without physical limitations. Users have a free view outside, not obstructed by folded seats. The speed in which the wheelchairs are fastened prevents violation of privacy. A Flex-i-Trans wheelchair accessible minibus is equally accessible for people with or without physical limitations.

In no time, the vehicle is transformable from mini coach to wheelchair accessible minibus. The folding seats are folded against the side wall of the buses making room for a changing number of wheelchair users without the need to remove any seats. In this way the full capacity of the minibus is available at any time, at any place. Contact Blackpool Design Coachbuilders for more information about the Flex-i-Trans System®.

Youth vehicles are a great way to put parents and youths in touch with local agencies such as sports development, police, education and more. Youth Engagement Officers from all over the UK have expressed an interest in our youth vehicles as solutions to support existing community initiatives.

Our youth vehicles can help raise awareness of and involvement with local and regional structures and can help build a strong, confident, involved and informed membership. It has been proven that youth vehicles can strengthen relationships with other voluntary and community networks.

Blackpool Design Coachbuilders provide innovative mobile exhibition displays for hospitality purposes, training, recruitment, clinical applications, mobile classrooms, offices and more. Wherever there is a need to take a product or service to the public, we can provide purpose-designed vehicles and trailers.We can recommend the best approach to meet your particular marketing
or communication requirements.

Party buses and mobile nightclubs offer a high impact and unique experience to those looking for an alternative in the limousine market. UK licensing laws currently prohibit limousines from carrying more than eight passengers – bespoke party buses and mobile nightclubs can entertain much larger groups of customers in a single mobile environment.

As experienced bus and coach conversion specialists we can produce party buses and nightclubs for use across the UK. Blackpool Design Coachbuilders can convert a new or second hand bus and fit a huge array of bespoke furnishings, sound and light systems.


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