The Bridge church in Bolton approached BDC in early 2014 looking to replace their current (Shine) bus at the time, however they required the new bus to be of a lot higher specification.

With this in mind they set about holding events in order to raise the funds needed this they did very quickly and all credit is due to them for this outstanding feat.

The bus was donated by First bus which was a credit to them and we set about converting it over one year later than the initial enquiry.

The bus will be used for all sorts of events to do with the church The Shine Bus is open to all children in the area who would like to come, enjoy a breakfast and join in with the fun and exciting programme. Activities range from craft, food, football and short teaching based upon Christian morals. Shine Bus is run by a team of volunteers who are Enhanced CRB checked and dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment for all who jump on board.


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